The plugin is extraordinarily versatile and adapts to any kind of product: from garments (for every merchandise you’ll actually want to indicate sizes and colors obtainable) to jewels (possibly you wish to present superior choices, equivalent to gemstone kind, necklace size o ring measurement, if the product is obtainable in numerous valuable metals and so forth).
No matter what you promote, for those who present your product choices via advert hoc photos and icons, you assist your buyer perceive, instantly as he/she comes into the web page, which buy choices can be found for that product: for instance, in just a few seconds he/she is going to be capable of perceive that the T-shirt he/she likes a lot is obtainable in his/her measurement or favorite color. From that second to clicking on “Buy” button is a brief step!

This information goals for example plugin options and assist you clear up any potential doubt raised in utilizing the plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Color And Label Variations Premium Instruction of Installation

  1. Uninstall free versions before you install the premium version. It might because of conflicts during installation and activation.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file from our website,  In the new folder, you will find the correct files to upload. (Note) they might contain more files than just themes/plugin (licensing, demos, etc.).
  3. Please always install all files that should be installed, normal and pro version.
  4. Some themes/plugin might ask you for a license to activate Premium Support or Automatic Updates which we don’t offer in this package.