WP Instant Decor Plugin – MRR




WP Instant Decor Plugin – MRR

WP Instant Decor Plugin – Update: Download was updated on the 26/-1/2-17. Important Message: Would you like to get better results with your marketing efforts? Aren’t you frustrated that visitors are not completely “feeling” your WordPress blog? Instantly Increase Your Conversion Rate By Decorating Your WP Blog With This Incredibly Useful Plugin. With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse You Can Decorate Your Blog And Finally Get The Results You Deserve.

How A Simple Split Test Unlocked The Key To More Profits And More Interaction Of My Visitors With One Of My Niche Blogs. Not long ago I had a niche blog that literally sucked BIG TIME. The thing is, at that time, I thought that the current layout that I had was great, although it was a bit minimalistic. This blog had no effects, no decoration, and in general looked VERY plain.

I didn’t care though, since my intention was to run a little experiment. So, I went and created another blog with the same content but with a different approach: it had TONS of decorations and “special effects” that made the blog visually enticing. Once I had both blogs ready I infused some traffic and grabbed some popcorn to see which of the blogs was going to be the winner.


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