WordPress Plugin Powerpack – PLR




WordPress Plugin Powerpack – PLR

WordPress Plugin Powerpack – This is a (small!) WordPress plugin which pays between 50c and $1 for every click. Simple as that – it can be added to any WordPress site or sites that you run – in any niche. (NEW: There is now an option included for non-WordPress sites, too).

Show Your Upcoming Posts WP Plugin

This is a great way to get your website viewers to see your upcoming posts / to get visitors to return to your site / to get more sign ups for your newsletter or RSS feed. Lots of options, including show “x” number of posts which are in draft, which are set to be published at a later date – or a combination of both.

Registered Users WP Plugin

If your site has loads of registered users, sadly WordPress has no way of showing this automatically. This plugin, which takes seconds to install as it is either “on” or “off”, will display a widget showing the total number of registered users on your site.

Move “Featured Image” To The Top WP Plugin

Do you get as irritated as I do when you have to move all the way down the right hand WordPress sidebar, just to select the “featured image”? This plugin simply moves it to the top – where you can always find it – especially, if, like me, you select the featured image first!


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