Web Link Click Counter – MRR




Web Link Click Counter – MRR

Web Link Click Counter – Here’s A Quick And Easy, Low-Cost Way To Track The EXACT Response To Any Ad, Anywhere. Any successful marketer will tell you the importance of tracking the response to your ads.

If you’re sending emails to your list, you should know how many people click on links in the email, so you can determine whether the ad was of interest to your subscribers and whether your email copy was up to the job.

For ads placed on your web site, you need to see how many visitors are clicking on the ads, to determine whether they could be improved. For ads placed elsewhere (on other sites or in other people’s ezines), you need to know not only how good your ad is but also how good that advertising source was, so you can decide whether to use it again. To do all this, you need a solution called “ad-tracking”.


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