Software Cracking Legally :- Learn How To Crack Software Legally




Software Cracking Legally :- Learn How To Crack Software Legally
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About Course :-
Crack Software Legally by Solving CrackMe Challenges whilst learning Reverse Engineering & Assembly Language the fun way.Learn To Crack Softwares Legally With This Latest Advance Software Cracking Course.

Software Cracking Legally Topics Covered :-

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to crackme’s
  3. Introduction to x640 bg and Detect it Easy (DIE)
  4. Setting up your cracking workspace and workflow
  5. Debugger Stepping Basics
  6. Stepping Into Calls
  7. Breakpoints
  8. Reversing Jumps
  9. How to patch a program
  10. Summary of Cracking Software Workflow
  11. Introduction to cracking gui-based programs
  12. Analyzing the PE for a gui-based program
  13. Crack the Serial Key using BP on strings
  14. Windows api functions &the stack
  15. Patching to bypass wrong serial key message
  16. Setting Breakpoints on Inter modular Calls
  17. Setting BP from the Call Stack
  18. Cracking Registration File Checks
  19. Removing Nag Screens
  20. Cracking Trial Period Software
  21. Cracking Auto-Generated Serial Keys
  22. Removing Nag Screen by TX
  23. Cracking by patching ex register values
  24. Cracking via Hardware Breakpoints
  25. How to Change Serial Key By Patching Memory Directly
  26. Analyzer Static Code Analyzer
  27. Serial Fishing – how to extract serial key
  28. Cracking Software Protection
  29. Cracking software using loaders
  30. Cracking Software’s Anti-Debugging Protection
  31. Cracking Software that has a combination of Packing +Anti-Debugging
  32. Keygens
  33. Assembly Language Programming for Reverses
  34. Creating an External Keygen
  35. Cracking Visual Basic 6 Native compiled software
  36. Bonus Lecture
Requirements Of Course :-
Size :- 7.61GB
Windows PC
Basic knowledge in C,
Assembly Language and Win32 API would be helpful but not mandatory
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