Small Business Content Toolkit – MRR



Small Business Content Toolkit – MRR

Small Business Content Toolkit – If you have been looking to build your small business up then this content toolkit will help you out. Within this package, you’re going to be receiving over 16 video training lessons to help market your small business.

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Lead Magnet Package

Product 1 – Volume One – One Offline Article Per Day

Product 2 – Word Blog Post Package

Product 3 – Word Blog Post Package on Mobile Marketing

Product 4 – Google Hangouts Content

Product 5 – High-Quality Small Business Articles

Product 6 – Report on Mobile Marketing

Product 7 – Offline Articles and Additional Niche Topics

Product 8 – Prospect Trainer Pro 1.0

Product 9 – Prospect Trainer Pro 2.0

Product 10 – Mobile Marketing Research Reports

Product 11 – Social Media Mini E-Course For Small Business

Product 12 – Volume Two of One Offline Article Per Day

Product 13 – Volume One of One Mobile Marketing Article Per Day

Product 14 – Mobile SMS Restaurant Notifier PLR Report

Product 15 – Mobile Proximity Marketing Research Reports

Product 16 – Facebook Marketing Offline Reports


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