Foam Spray Gun High Pressure Automotive Foam Spray Gun Household Cleaner Generator

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Save time, money, and energy

Double car house, car (35W-150W for car wash), house (applicable 2-6KG) pressure tap

Eight spray types (mist/cone/flush/jet/shower/jet/center/flat)

Suitable for washing cars, flowers, and pets. The professional foam spraying three-stage adjustment design realizes the unique watering function of the household water gun. Eliminate the foaming steps of other tools, saving time and effort.


Material hint material: engineering plastic

Handle material: engineering plastic

Spraying distance: 6 (meters)

Scope of application: car washing, flower watering, garden watering, pet bathing, etc.

Water pressure: 8

Material: ABS

Length: 0.21 (m)

Frame material: engineering plastic

Item weight: 0.24 (kg)

Water gun type: 8 kinds of sprays such as shower, hollow water column, umbrella, etc.

Size: 15*21CM

Car wash water gun: car wash watering and cleaning

1 Style: green water gun suit+10m water pipe,

2 Style: green water gun suit+15m water pipe,

3 Style: green water gun suit+20m water pipe,

4 Style: green water gun suit+30m water pipe,

5 Style: yellow water gun suit+10m water pipe,

6 Style: yellow water gun suit+15m water pipe,

7 Style: yellow water gun suit+20m water pipe,

8 style: yellow water gun suit+30m water pipe,

9 Style: black water gun suit+10m water pipe,

10 style: black water gun suit+15m water pipe,

11 style: black water gun suit+20m water pipe,

12 style: black water gun suit+30m water pipe

Package Content

High-pressure water gun*1

Additional information

Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 300 × 220 × 70 cm

10Style, 11Style, 12Style, 1Style, 2PC Yellow, 2Style, 3PC Black, 3PC Green, 3PC Yellow, 3Style, 4PC Yellow, 4Style, 5Style, 6Style, 7Style, 8Style, 9Style, Accessory 4piece set, Black, Black2PCS, Black4PCS, Combination, Green, Green set, Green2PCS, Green4PCS, Plastic cup, Set, Set1, Set2, Yellow, Yellow set

26 thoughts on “Foam Spray Gun High Pressure Automotive Foam Spray Gun Household Cleaner Generator

  1. Great product! Fast Shipping! Arrived within 8 days. highly recommend! Good for the garden – you can put fertilizer and water. And good for car washing.
    no remark

  2. They sent out quickly. packed in general in no way. The first time this. usually well closed, and here in a bag and everything. on top of the whole, there is no not not

  3. I'm honestly really surprised by the quality of this sprayer. I didn't expect much from it, but it's a decent quality piece of kit. All the spray patterns work very well, and it doesn't leak at all. Some things that they don't tell you in the ad:
    – The trigger is a click-on-click-off type. You click it once to turn the water on, and click it again to turn it off. Very comfortable.
    – The soap is infused by spraying water into the soap container, so it mixes up and gets pushed out. Unlike the normal way of doing things (sucking the soap up through a tube), this should work pretty well. The only issue may be that you are constantly diluting your soap. For applying soap, that's not a big deal, but for other use cases (I bought it to spread a liquid product on my lawn), it's not ideal, but it'll work.

    In the end: I'm very satisfied, especially since the item was delivered only 9 days after placing the order.

  4. Clean very well comes a very wide jet to clean clean r large surfaces can be regulated jet and for q eche or not product with a roulette wheel and the invention of throwing the soap from the gun today we are tested and delighted, I'm fast.

  5. Produto excelente. Não se comprar a uma pistola de alta pressão, porém é muito útil e com um ótimo custo benefício.

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