Car Repair Kit Car Window Glass Scratch Crack Restore Repair Tool Car Window Screen Polishing Polishing

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1. Because the air in the cracks will block the penetration of the repair fluid. We have the vacuum function to remove the air in the cracks quickly.

2. The enhanced sealing rubber injection head can generate strong pressure to force the repair fluid into the cracks.

3. Imported repair fluid (this is very critical), up to 20PA shear strength.


Category: Auto glass repair tools

Capacity: 3ml

Degree: glass repair tool (suction cup)

Color:as shown

Package Content:

1x Repair tool

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 40 cm

Black repair fluid, Glass repair tool

98 thoughts on “Car Repair Kit Car Window Glass Scratch Crack Restore Repair Tool Car Window Screen Polishing Polishing

  1. It came all as I ordered but it took so long to go that I already had time to replace the glass and now think about ordering myself or not check on nothing

  2. 47 days, Krasnodar territory. I did not try, I will not say quality. Don't understand how, but it's all packed. With the seller did not contact, I do not know how quickly answers or not at all.

  3. I walked, for a long time, probably on foot, but on parrots, but the main thing came. Took a friend, did not try to apply

  4. For the speed of delivery-minus. Fix or not my glass-lottery. I hope it will help to fix the cattle, hardened with Scotch tape almost immediately
    no remark

  5. Well, too soon to say if works or not, no time for it yet.
    Overall I am satisfied, in terms of the product and the arriving time, about the quality, I do not know.
    no remarkno remark

  6. Delivery is long, a couple of months. The composition is full of everything in integrity, the polymer is not a sweat, I have not tried until I tried to wait for Heat
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  7. I do not know whether it works lets see how it runs. The valley looks not so very high quality as but for an old post is likely to be it OK
    no remark

  8. Instruction only in Chinese and English. There is a video, but there is no time for the desired exposure. When already extruded under the film glue, the instructions say like waiting for 5 minutes, and then we'll glue it up. I waited even a little more, the glue did not dry. In the end, it turned out some kind of underdressed.

  9. Shipment after ad month, product consistent with the description seller. As narazie I had no more occasion check its capabilities.

  10. Excellent means, a little protector when sending, I made a spider of 1,5 cm, I had it right opposite the eye was, yes, so you can not see except for the middle of 1mm where the stone came, maybe the drill is a big one took, but it doesn't bother at all. Glued according to the instructions once 6 alternated vacuum and pressure, the polymer did not regret, whether it remains for another two is not aware but you can separately buy.
    Saw sealed rays in contrasting light, the result is 5 +. At the same time I did in late October in rainy weather and T + 10, in underground parking, then I went with a sticker for a couple of days, waited for the Sun.

  11. Very good set for glass repair. I took not for the machine, but for repair of the glass table top. Cracks after repair are almost invisible. Definitely recommend using.

  12. Order received in 1.5 months from payment. It is not possible to check the quality of gluing the glass of the machine-it is cold in the yard.

  13. The goods came in a simple bag, would not say that it went quickly, until it checked, I bought it to be in stock.
    The seller seems to be normal, interested in how the goods. I'll keep it in the car, but it seems to me, that frost is not the best way to affect its further use.
    And in general, the product is very necessary for use in the car.
    I recommend to everyone

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