Auril Car Mechanic Workshop HTML Template
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  • Unzip Theme information downloaded from our web site, they could include extra information than simply plugin (licensing, demos and so on.). In new folder you will see that appropriate information to add.
  • Uninstall free variations of plugin prior to installing premium model from our web site. It would trigger conflicts throughout set up and activation.
  • Please at all times set up all information that must be put in, regular and professional model if exist in file, all theme information and all needed plugins type .zip archive
  • Some plugin/themes would possibly ask you for license to activate Premium Help or Computerized Updates which we don’t supply on this bundle.

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General Public License “GPL” stands for “General Public License”. The most widespread such license is the GNU General Public License, or GNU GPL for short. This can be further shortened to “GPL”, when it is understood that the GNU GPL is the one intended.
Software under the GPL may be run for all purposes, including commercial purposes and even as a tool for creating proprietary software, such as when using GPL-licensed compilers. Users or companies who distribute GPL-licensed works (e.g. software), may charge a fee for copies or give them free of charge.
Is GPL safe? Yes. GPL doesn't have anything to do with the security of the code. It's just a license that governs its usage and distribution.
GPL or General Public License, sometimes also called GNU GPL, is the most commonly used free software license. ... WordPress is also released under the GPL license, which means that WordPress is an open source software that can be used, modified, and extended by anyone.
You are allowed to sell open source software for any amount you like. You are allowed to charge reasonable cost for supplying the source code. You are not allowed to charge anything for the license. And of course modified open source software may only distributed with an open source license.
Selling a copy of a free program is legitimate, and we encourage it. However, when people think of “selling software”, they usually imagine doing it the way most companies do it: making the software proprietary rather than free.

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Auril Car Mechanic Workshop HTML Template
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