Fitbit FB417BKNV Charge 4 Fitness Wristband - Storm Blue

Fitbit FB417BKNV Charge 4 Fitness Wristband – Storm Blue

Take your goals further with a health & fitness tracker that packs built-in GPS for pace and distance, 24/7 heart rate tracking and more into a comfortable wristband. Better understand how many calories you burn—all day and during workouts—to manage your weight and stay on track toward your goals. Syncs with Mac OS X 12.2 and up, iPhone 5S and later, iPad 5 gen. and later, Android 7.0 and later. Music control via Bluetooth LE on Android and iOS devices. Battery life up to 7 days, or up to 5 hours with continuous GPS use. Water resistant to 50 meters.
Get call and calendar alerts, send text notifications and quick replies. Automatic sleep tracking and silent alarms on your wrist
Battery life up to 7 days, or up to 5 hours with continuous GPS use. Water-resistant to 50 meters.
Syncs with Mac OS X 12.2 and up, iPhone 5S and later, iPad 5 gen. and later, Android 7.0 and later. Syncing range: Up to 30 feet.
US Model w/ warranty. In Box: Fitbit Charge 4, Blue and Black Classic Bands (Small and Large), Charging cable.
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Pros and Cons
  1. Activity tracking: Fitbit offers comprehensive activity tracking, including step counting, distance traveled, calories burned, and active minutes, providing valuable insights into your daily physical activity.
  2. Heart rate monitoring: Fitbit devices with built-in heart rate monitors allow you to track your heart rate throughout the day, helping you monitor your cardiovascular health and optimize your workouts.
  3. Sleep tracking: Fitbit offers advanced sleep tracking features, analyzing your sleep patterns, including duration, quality, and sleep stages, to help you understand and improve your sleep habits.
  4. Mobile app and data syncing: Fitbit’s mobile app allows you to sync your device wirelessly, providing a detailed overview of your activity, sleep, and other health metrics, making it easy to monitor your progress over time.
  5. Goal setting and reminders: Fitbit allows you to set personalized goals and receive reminders to stay active, helping you stay motivated and achieve your fitness objectives.
  6. Social community and challenges: Fitbit provides a social platform where you can connect with friends, participate in challenges, and engage in friendly competitions, fostering a sense of community and accountability.
  7. Smart notifications: Fitbit devices can receive notifications from your smartphone, such as calls, texts, and calendar alerts, keeping you connected even during workouts or when your phone is not readily accessible.
  8. Long battery life: Fitbit devices are known for their long battery life, typically lasting several days or even up to a week, depending on the model and usage.


  1. Price: Fitbit devices are generally priced higher compared to other fitness trackers on the market, which may be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Display limitations: Some Fitbit models have small screens or limited display capabilities, making it challenging to view detailed information or interact with certain features.
  3. Limited GPS functionality: Not all Fitbit devices have built-in GPS, requiring you to carry your smartphone if you want accurate distance and mapping during outdoor activities.
  4. Design and style: Fitbit devices have a distinct design aesthetic that may not appeal to everyone’s personal taste, limiting options for those seeking a more customizable or fashionable fitness tracker.
  5. Water resistance limitations: While many Fitbit devices are water-resistant, they may not be suitable for swimming or submersion in water, restricting their use for certain water-based activities.
  6. Inaccurate step counting: Like many fitness trackers, Fitbit devices may occasionally provide inaccurate step counts, especially during activities that involve arm movements without steps, such as cycling or weightlifting.
  7. App compatibility: Fitbit’s mobile app may not be compatible with all smartphones or operating systems, limiting the accessibility and functionality for certain users.
  8. Dependency on smartphone: Fitbit devices heavily rely on a smartphone connection for features like GPS tracking, music control, and app notifications, which may be inconvenient for those who prefer a more standalone experience.


1. Activity tracking1. Price
2. Heart rate monitoring2. Display limitations
3. Sleep tracking3. Limited GPS functionality
4. Mobile app and data syncing4. Design and style
5. Goal setting and reminders5. Water resistance limitations
6. Social community and challenges6. Inaccurate step counting
7. Smart notifications7. App compatibility
8. Long battery life8. Dependency on smartphone

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