Bourne man’s shoes are loyal to men’s special needs, leading to their popularity. Over the past years, Bourne shoes have been marketing casual men’s shoes which are eco-friendly, specially handcrafted and made of organic materials so that they look very chic and classy. Those men searching for comfortable and sophisticated footwear should go for Bourne’s shoes.

All footwear at Bourne is hand-crafted especially by Opanka construction and the use of adhesives and machinery is minimal while creating the shoes, thus making the designs eco-friendly. With the particular attention to detail and patented construction, the company also uses innovative styling keeping in mind the changing trends of the time. Bourne’s President, Thomas McClaskie, always uses his creative imagery to make trendy shoes for men.

• The signature line of the Bourne shoes is called the Bourne Crown series that is a sophisticated and exclusive selection of loafers and sandals for men that are painstakingly and beautifully handcrafted. These shoes are made of vegetable leather, suede and croco print leather—all eco-friendly types that makes the Bourne line very successful.

• Also, Bourne shoes have great boots for men, like the famous harness boot that is made of leather, suede or Nubuck, which makes the shoe thick so that it protects you from the vagaries of harsh elements especially for those hiking or trekking expeditions. There is also a selection of five inch boots that are tailored in look but are quite rugged and can take weathering. You must own a pair of these boots as they are quite affordable priced, considering their brand name.

• For all casual purposes, you can choose from Bourne’s selection of sandals and moccasins which have been inspired by the European weaving designs. Made in soft suede leather, a pair of these mocasssisns is every man’s dream shoes. In case you want more tailored shoes, you can always find other varieties of classic, formal shoes.

• All men with a love for sport can look up the Bourne line of sport shoes. They are made of great hues and patterns, coming in shades of burnt orange and plaids, originally designed and very modern–comfortable and durable, these shoes are a hit with men.

A word of advice to all men going for Bourne’s shoes is that they should only buy fr4om a reputable Bourne dealer and go through all the care instructions for the shoes and keep in touch with their customer service for any queries for cleaning and styling. Also keep in touch with the latest trends in the shoes business by signing up for Bourne’s email and newsletter.